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About Us

Dart Oil & Gas Corporation

Headquartered in Mason, Michigan, Dart Oil & Gas Corporation was founded in 1976 to explore for and produce crude oil and natural gas in the Michigan Basin. It expanded to the Illinois Basin during the 1980s and then to the Appalachian and Cherokee Basins in the 2000s. Currently, Dart Oil & Gas Corporation owns varying interests in and operates approximately 151 wells in Michigan, including five waterfloods and two gas plants. Dart Oil & Gas takes pride in operating in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.

Michigan Field Office

Dart Oil & Gas Corporation manages Michigan Basin field operations from its Marion, Michigan office. Our highly skilled employees focus on producing crude oil and natural gas from 151 operated wells. This includes wells in five waterflood units, five production facilities, two gas plants, three mineral brine wells and managing our interest in 38 non-operated properties. Since 1976, our expertise in Michigan has allowed us to operate assets from nearly all producing intervals in the state including the Traverse, Dundee, Detroit River, Reed City, Richfield, Amherstburg, Sylvania, and Niagaran formations. In 1980, Dart drilled the first successful Prairie du Chien gas production well which initiated a major lease play and influenced several major oil and gas producers to move into the state to pursue this deep gas play. We were also pioneers in producing liquid calcium chloride (also known as mineral brine) used for dust and ice control in several northern Michigan counties. We are a cost efficient, environmentally conscious, safe operation generating positive cash flow for our partners and stakeholders enabling us to be a leading operator in Michigan for the long term.

Dart Oil & Gas - Ohio, LLC

In September 2013, Dart Oil & Gas Corporation acquired 16 wells and approximately 2,000 acres in central Ohio. As in our other operations, we will work to be a cost efficient, environmentally conscious operator; focusing on the health and safety of our employees and the public. We are actively looking for additional acquisitions and low risk drilling opportunities.