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Mineral Brine

Liquid Calcium Chloride for Dust Control

Calcium Chloride has been produced commercially for over 100 years and is well recognized for its dust and ice control properties. Dart Oil & Gas Corporation (DO&G) operates three mineral brine wells that produce naturally occurring liquid with a large concentration of calcium chloride.  This is from the Sylvania sandstone formation located approximately one mile below ground level.

Liquid Calcium Chloride is hygroscopic meaning that it can absorb water vapor from the air and liquid water from the road bed thereby matting down the dust for prolonged periods to keep a dustless and stabilized surface on unpaved roads. It is the most cost effective way to reduce dust. In addition, liquid calcium chloride treated roads need less maintenance than roads treated with other materials and can reduce gravel replacement costs.

Liquid Calcium Chloride for Snow and Ice Control

Mineral Brine vs. SaltLiquid Calcium Chloride is also an exceptional product for controlling snow and ice. It reacts faster than rock salt to snow and ice and can melt up to eight times as much snow as salt alone.  It can be used as pre-wetting, anti-icing and de-icing agents. Liquid Calcium Chloride can save money, it is exothermic meaning that it releases heat to activate salt's melting ability, it is fast acting because it is hygroscopic meaning that it attracts moisture required for rock salt's melting action and it has a low eutectic point meaning that it melts at much lower temperatures than salt. It is effective down to a temperature of -25° Fahrenheit.

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